Promoting the Cloth Diaper Industry

2013 Annual Meeting
The State of the RDIA

October 18, 2013

Dennis Frederick

Owner, OsoCozy
Chair, Real Diaper Industry Association

Things are going really well!

Dennis Frederick

Where is RDIA right now? And, what do big dreams of the future look like? See the slide show below, Part 1, to find out. Bonus: you even get to see the State of Dennis, our 2013-2014 Chair as part of his presentation.

RDIA 2013-2014
What's next?

  • Improving all existing programs, activities and products.
  • Integrating new staff and professionalization of the association.
  • Listening to what members want.
  • Integrating volunteers and making good use of their time. Creating a positive experience.
  • Member retention and recruiting. We got a good thing going here. Need to make sure everyone knows it.

We will also be addressing big issues:

  • Cloth diaper charities or diaper banks benefit the industry while they benefit families who can't afford diapers.

  • Cloth diaper co-ops and black market imports hurt our industry. We will educate members and take steps to ensure marketplace fairness.

See slide show below, Part 2, for more on RDIA programs and 2014 plans.

State of the RDIA: Part 1

State of the RDIA: Part 2

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