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RDIA Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
This is a statement of the essential values and core standards held by members of the Real
Diaper Industry Association. This document should serve as a basic guide for business decisions
and member interactions.

Business Standards
1) Members are expected to conduct themselves and their business in a legal and ethical
manner, abiding by all applicable state, federal and local laws.
2) Member will advertise truthfully, professionally and positively.
3) Member commits to treat employees well by creating a safe, positive work environment that
complies with all federal, state and local laws. Member commits to use pay scales that
represent wages fairly representative of jobs performed.
4) Member will ensure that the products sold or produced are of good quality.
5) Member commits to sell and/or produce product in safe facilities that meet safe labor
6) Each member has the right to be respected and treated with professional respect and
consideration at all times. Members shall respect this right. With this in mind, members are
expected to refrain from injuring or maligning the business reputation of another member.
7) Members agree not to violate state or federal anti-trust laws and regulations. Members
agree to read in full and abide by the Anti-Trust Policy adopted by RDIA.
8) Member will be respectful of all intellectual property including copyrighted images, text,
patterns, patents, logos, trade names and other trademark rights. Claims of intellectual
property rights violations will only be considered when determined to be valid by a legitimate
legal proceeding. A “court of peers” will not be accepted as proof of a violation.

Environmental Standards
9) Member commits to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner, using
energy responsibly and reusing or recycling business waste using available resources.

Conflict Resolution
10) Members are expected to treat each other with the same flexibility, politeness and kindness
that they appreciate. Conflicts should be resolved privately and professional and by involving
only those immediately party to the conflict. If a member is found to be the repeated source
of unresolved tension, the member may be suspended or expelled according to Article II
Section 6 and Section 7 of the bylaws of RDIA.

Customer Service
11) Member agrees to abide by best business practices, including Federal Trade Commission
rules, in providing the best possible customer service to customers.
Originally approved 7/1/2009. Typo corrected & approved 6/2/2010.

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