Promoting the Cloth Diaper Industry

Board of Directors

Real Diaper Industry Association is governed by 12 voting members as a board of directors. The first board was appointed. Since then, each year 4 positions are open and directors are elected by members.  Officers are elected by the board of directors at the annual meeting of the board in conjunction with the annual meeting of members.  For more details, see RDIA bylaws.


Chair - Andrea Foley - Baby Junk  (Diaper Service)
Secretary - Melody Baird - ANB Inspired Beginnings (Retailer)
Treasurer - Misty Henry - Little Gnome Creations (Retailer/At Large)


Melody Baird - ANB Inspired Beginnings (Retailer) - 2014-2017; Secretary 2015-2016

I have over 28 years of personal experience with cloth diapering as my oldest biological child was my first in cloth diapers, back in the day of the big flats folded like kites with pins to close them and rubber pants over top of these. Oh, how I appreciate the advances and ease of modern day cloth diapering where there is no folding kites and using pins. Of course, this is still a very affordable option to those that choose this method. There are amazing options for every budget, every size of baby, and even potty learning solutions that will help you to transition your baby through from diapering to underwear. Throughout the years I have cloth diapered my own children as well as our twenty two foster babies!

Sarah Davis - Simple Diaper Service (Diaper Service) - 2015-2018

Sarah Davis is a mom, licensed midwife, and owner of Simple Diaper Service, a cloth diaper service in San Diego. She was cloth diapered as a baby, and her parents always spoke fondly of cotton diapers and cloth diaper service. Sarah enjoyed cloth diapering her daughter Lucía beginning with her very first tiny diaper at around 10 minutes old and weighing just five and a half pounds. 

Prior to Lucía’s birth, she practiced as a midwife in clinic, home and birth center, and was co-owner of the freestanding birth center Birth Roots in Chula Vista, CA. Now that she is mom of a toddler, Sarah is focusing on Simple Diaper Service and on continuing policy work with the California Association of Midwives, where she has served on the board and now as Policy Chair since 2005. She has advocated on behalf of California licensed midwives on bills in the California legislature, and looks forward to doing advocacy work with RDIA. 

Andrea Foley of Diaper DuDee and Baby Junk

Andrea Foley - Diaper DuDee (Diaper Service) and Baby Junk - 2013-2019; Chair 2015-2016

Vision for the future of RDIA? A powerful force where all of us smaller businesses can collaborate and compete with the disposable diaper industry on a national level.
Vision for the future of the cloth diaper industry? Taking a 30% market share of the diaper industry in the next 5-10 years.
How do you diaper your children? Prefolds and covers without fasteners.
How is your experience helpful for the trade association? I see the industry from 4 perspectives: Diaper Service owner/operator, Retail Store owner/operator, through my customer's points of view and as a mom who cloth diapers. I can see where it seems to be headed.

Before entering the world of cloth diapers, Andrea worked for two-woman-owned retail businesses. She learned everything from these women, and she knew that owning her own business was her life’s dream. She dove into the industry in 2007 by starting a diaper service in Des Moines, Iowa. She saw the need for a service and the opportunity to own a business. In 2009, just 6 months after the birth of her first baby, Andrea purchased American Diaper Service in Omaha, Nebraska, and doubled her market. Just one year later Andrea and her family decided to move to Omaha and open a cloth diaper retail store. By May 2011 that dream was realized when Baby Junk opened its doors. In 2012 she got the chance to use cloth diapers again when her daughter was born, and recently helped another mom become an entrepreneur by selling her Diaper DuDee’s Des Moines customers.

Misty Henry

Misty Henry - Little Gnome Creations (Retailer/At-large) - 2014-2017; Treasurer 2015-2016

How do you see future of RDIA? I want vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers to immediately think of RDIA to help strengthen their businesses and their customers' trust in them. This means higher membership and more action where opportunity arises.
How do you cloth diaper your children? My first son started with covers and prefolds around 10 months, thanks to a friend, then AI2 shells with prefolds and pockets, which I used with my second also. Now we are on to number three, and we used newborn AIO diapers made by me and purchased from artisans and larger manufacturers.
How is your experience helpful for the trade association? With my focus on compliance, I plan to update the compliance section of the website as well as provide continued updates and assistance. I am also currently working on a Master's program in Public Administration with a focus on the nonprofit sector.

Misty was introduced to cloth in late 2010 with her first son. She delved deeper and was determined to make cloth diapers easy for those who found it overwhelming. At the same time, she began sewing and fell into the world of selling. Again, in the interest of helping others, she started to buy care tags in bulk for selling to others who wanted them. She didn't want something unprofessional, so she went searching for a correct way to word the care tags. From that search, she jumped, feet first, into the federal compliance regulations. Along with this venture that she's been researching since 2011, she started the WAHM Alliance to combat the negativity that had been floating around the cloth and handmade community due to less than stellar vendors. Because of the amazing connections she's made on Facebook, she was eargerly invited to run for the board of directors of RDIA, and she has come to focus all of her resources to helping further the industry any place she can.

Judy McAuley

Judy McAuley - Happy Baby Company, home of Green Cheeks Diaper Service (Diaper Service) - 2014-2017

Judy McAuley started Green Cheeks Diaper Service with her husband, Brandon, in 2010. At the time there were no longer any diaper services in their area, and they were often met with "I'd love to cloth diaper, but I don't want to wash them myself" when they would talk to others about cloth diapering their oldest son, born in 2008. With the help of the 'How to Start a Diaper Service' Kit from the RDIA and some very patient and helpful diaper service owners in other states, they began and are still happily helping to cloth diaper the Greater Pittsburgh area today. 

In 2013, they also became the new owners of Happy Baby Company and reopened a brick and mortar natural parenting store, where they retail many items (including cloth diapers of course!) and teach cloth diapering classes. They work hard to carry all of the products they wanted to be able to see and touch when they were expecting, and try very hard to carry products only manufactured ethically and sustainably, and preferably in North America. Judy is passionate about continuing down the path of mainstream acceptance of cloth diapers both for our babies and the planet and believes that working actively within organizations like the RDIA is one of the best ways to do that. Judy has a B.A. in Visual Communications and a certificate in Accounting from Robert Morris University.

Emily McCay

Emily McCay - The Diaper Fairy (Diaper Service/At-large) - 2015-2018

Vision for the future of RDIA? In the future, RDIA is recognized as the leading organization for this growing industry based on it's active participation and sharing across the retail, service and artisan markets for the benefit of the families we serve. Businesses see value in their membership because of the connections, leverage, and professional assistance provided. 
Vision for the future of the cloth diaper industry?  Reusable diapers become the top choice for progressive families for their multiple benefits, and market share reaches 25% within the next five years. 
How did you diaper your child? My daughter was in prefolds and covers with a Snappi back in the day. 

Emily McCay is The Diaper Fairy. Her business provides a modern cloth diaper delivery service and natural parenting boutique in Louisville, KY. After successfully using a service in another city with her daughter, she moved home and wanted to bring the magic of a modern diaper service to families in Louisville, KY. She started her cloth diaper delivery business in 2009 and expanded into a brick and mortar boutique, The Diaper Fairy Cottage, in 2013. By 2013, her delivery service hit a milestone of laundering over one million diapers and Emily's business was awarded "Best Greening and Sustainability Business of the Year" by Greater Louisville, Inc. Emily is passionate about increasing awareness of the cloth market and making it the mainstream choice for today's families. And she doesn't mind a little glitter in the process. 

Samantha White

Samantha White - Little Seedlings Diapers (Artisan Manufacturer) - 2014-2017

Vision for the future of RDIA? I would like to see RDIA grow as a voice for the industry and for small business. I also envision increased member recruitment so that more small businesses can experience the value of the networking and resources that RDIA provides.
How do you diaper your children? I mainly used fitteds & wool with my children, but I also love the simplicity and ease of a flat or prefold. I love that flats and prefolds make cloth diapering financially accessible to anyone.
How is your experience helpful for the trade association? My passion for cloth diapers spans the course of 11 years. I love educating others on the benefits of cloth. I am a parent, a customer, and a business owner in the industry of cloth.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Samantha White moved to the United States as a child in 1980. She grew up in southern California and studied biology at San Diego State University, with an emphasis on ecology and the environment. She has been a cloth diaper advocate since the birth of her first son in 2002. Samantha is the owner and operator of a small cloth diaper manufacturing business in Temecula, California - Little Seedlings, est. 2010. She works out of her home and sews everything herself to sell through her online store. As a small business manufacturer, she also wears the hats of a web designer, promotions and marketing manager, and a chief financial officer. She prides herself on making high quality products, using the highest quality materials available, as well as providing excellent customer service and communication. She places a high value on ethics and is passionate about her family, friends, sewing and building her business with a focus on sustainability and the environment.  

"I'm so happy to be a member of this great organization, and I've enjoyed the benefits and knowledge I've gained. I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors and assist in the cloth diapering movement."

Emeritus Board Member

According to the Volunteer Policy approved July 2010, "When a board wants to invite a retiring board member to continue service, they may invite a former board member to stay on board as a non-voting member in an advisory capacity. This is an honorific title in recognition of the member’s active participation, financial contribution, or continuing strong interest in the organization. . . . Except in extreme cases, 'Emeritus Board Member' is an appointment for life."

In recognition of her role as one of the three Founders of RDIA and her continued service to the association, the RDIA board of directors in December 2012 unanimously elected Lori Taylor an Emeritus Board Member.

Lori Taylor

Lori Taylor - Fuzbaby (Artisan Manufacturer) - 2008-2011, Founder

How did you diaper your children? Both of my children wore fitted and flat organic cotton diapers and sewn wool diaper covers.
Why participate in RDIA board? Professionalizing the industry is important to me.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? A couple of afternoons a weeks I spend a few hours on RDIA. During the founding year, it was more like a second full-time job with plenty of overtime.
What are you working on for RDIA? I am currently the Director of Communications for RDIA. A team of board members is working on social media, blog, and webinars. 

Lori Taylor owns two small, cloth diaper manufacturing businesses with a focus on natural and organic materials – Fuzbaby, est. 1999, and Firefly Diapers, bought 2001. She keeps both small following her Smallering philosophy. Lori is the Founder and current President and Faithkeeper of Real Diaper Association (RDA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on cloth diaper education and advocacy. Lori has an M.A. in American Studies / Folklife and a Ph.D. in American Studies. She has worked as book editor at Thorsons, archivist at the Smithsonian Institution, and university teacher at SUNY at Buffalo. Her scholarly work has focused on oral history and community organizing. In addition to writing, web development, business strategy, marketing training, and coaching at 3Stream, she continues political, environmental, and development work for several nonprofits. To improve her work with nonprofits, Lori earned a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management.

Former Directors

Judy Aagard

Judy Aagard - Tiny Tots (Diaper Service) - 2009-2011

Judy Aagard was been involved in the family business since her parents purchased Tiny Tots in 1966. As a nine year old, she had memories of counting soiled diapers on roller skates and sleeping on the bed under the folding table while her family worked into the wee hours of the night. After college graduation, she took an active role in the management of Tiny Tots, including organizing the first Diapering 101 class for her suitor, Tim Aagard. After that, they worked side by side promoting the use of cotton diapers. Tim & Judy used cotton diapers on their two children, Trevor and Tyler. In Trevor’s spare time, he manages the company website. Judy remained passionate about strategizing creative ways to promote cloth diapering, both at Tiny Tots and within the industry until her death in 2015. One of Judy's undertakings that had a lasting effect was helping energize a grassroots effort, The Great Cloth Diaper Change, and setting a Guinness World Record in the process. 

Peter Allen

Peter Allen - Do Good Diapers (Diaper Service) - 2010-2013

How did you diaper your child? Prefolds. But we have access to a great diaper service!
Why participate in RDIA board? I wanted to give back and understand all facets of the industry I’ve chosen to be in.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? It isn’t always easy. It comes down to priorities. Some weeks I can do more than others. But as a volunteer organization every hour is valuable.
What are you working on for RDIA? Creating a financial dashboard, improving retention, creating a state of the RDIA vision.

Peter Allen founded Do Good Diapers with his wife Kathy in 2008 after looking for a cloth diaper service in the Twin Cities and not being able to find one. Since starting Do Good Diapers, Peter has made it his goal to have every new parent consider using cloth diapers. He has been active in promoting cloth diapering by giving interviews on cloth diapering to local television news stations, radio and newspapers and partnering with local retailers to organize cloth ‘Nappi’ hours to train parents on using cloth diapers. Peter joins the board with a wealth of experience from managing supply chains to merchandising.  Prior to starting Do Good Diapers, he spent 2 years as a buyer at Fortune 50 retailer and 6 years as a management. Peter has a BS in Industrial Engineering from NDSU and an MBA in Strategy and Marketing from the University of Minnesota.

Catherine Bolden

Catherine Bolden - The Willow Store / Sprout Change (Manufacturer) - 2011-2013; Chair 2012-2013

How did you diaper your children? My favorite has changed as I discovered new styles.
Why participate in RDIA board? I want to share benefits of reusable diapers to educate people to shift to a more reusable lifestyle.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? Setting aside clear time to focus on RDIA or my business is more efficient than trying to do both at the same time.
What are you working on for RDIA? Being Vice Chair involves assisting the Chair, facilitating periodic team updates, bouncing ideas around, planning the conference, & assisting with webinars.

Through her work as a doula and a mother of four, one of whom has special needs, Catherine started using cloth diapers nearly 9 years ago. In 2005, she began manufacturing WillowSprouts, hemp inserts for reusable diapers. Over the years she expanded her products to encompass the whole natural lifestyle including WillowPads, natural feminine care, nursing pads, reusable cloth wipes, cloth napkins for the home, and wool dryer balls. Most recently, she created Sprout Change to fill the need for a truly versatile, economical diapering solution. “I don’t want to see a landfill and think that I needlessly contributed to its growth.  That’s not the legacy I want to leave my children.” Catherine lives near Madison, Wisconsin.

Shayla Boyd-Gill

Shayla Boyd-Gill - Alyahs Alternatives (Retailer) - 2009-2012; Chair, 2010 - 2011

How did you diaper your children? My diaper of choice was a pocket diaper for my first three children. I later discovered that I loved a basic prefold and wool cover or pants.
Why participate in RDIA board? I wanted to work alongside other passionate cloth diaper business owners to promote cloth diapers to a larger market than I could reach alone.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? I am surprised that RDIA is not one of my last two babies’ first words. As a board and exec member I understood that it was important to commit whatever time was needed to complete tasks on behalf of the organization.
What are you working on for RDIA? Upgrading Consider Cloth campaign and secretarial duties.

Shayla Boyd-Gill is the owner of Alyahs Alternativeness LLC founded in September of 2003. She spends her time educating her community and beyond about the benefits of cloth diapering and natural baby care. Shayla graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering Technology. After having a career as a construction project manager, she sought out a career option that would allow her to spend more time with her family. The cloth diaper business was a viable option as she had been promoting the use of cloth diapers since having her first child in 1997. She balances running Alyahs Alternatives with her full time career as a mother of five, wife, natural childbirth educator (Bradley Method®), doula and bellydance instructor.  Shayla believes in the concept of Sankofa … reaching back to bring forward information that we have always known but have gotten away from. 

Michelle Caparoula

Michelle Caparoula - Changin' Time (Diaper Service) - 2012-2014; Vice Chair, 2012-2014

Why participate in the RDIA Board? In order to be an effective advocate for cloth diapers, you have to be a skilled mythbuster - and that requires knowledge of solid evidence-based in research. It's a priority of mine to make sure that evidence gets disseminated to RDIA members and ultimately to current and potential cloth diaper users.
What are you working on for the RDIA? Right now, I am working on developing a webinar intended to help RDIA members think outside the box to grow their businesses in a sustainable way.

Michelle Caparoula is one of the co-founders of Changin' Time, a cloth diaper service located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Michelle is a recent graduate of Slippery Rock University, where she earned a Master of Arts in Sustainable Systems, focusing primarily on consumer trends and cloth diapers. Michelle's contributions to the RDIA will primarily be based in academic research, but will also focus on developing webinars on developing sustainability-based business models. She is currently researching how businesses such as cloth diaper services and small artisan manufacturers strengthen local economies and contribute to regional economic prosperity.

Leah Carter

Leah Carter - Better for Babies / little beetle (Manufacturer) - 2009-2012; Chair, 2009-2010

Leah Carter is founder and CEO of Better For Babies, Inc. While its beginnings were nurtured overseas, Better For Babies now has its roots firmly planted, and growing, outside Atlanta, Georgia. In 2007, Leah opened her own manufacturing facility near her town’s square allowing her to see to fruition a dedication to local and sustainable production, fair wages, green business practices, and an uncompromising commitment to quality products, innovation and customer service. From there, Little Beetle organic diapers and wool covers are born. With a BS and graduate work in Philosophy, Leah keeps current on legal issues and has a passion for reading and enjoying family time whenever possible.

Tamara Champion

Tamara Champion - (Retailer) - 2009-2012

How did you diaper your children? Having tested countless styles of cloth diapers on both my children over the years, prefolds and covers remain my favourite system.
Why participate in RDIA board? I'm a big believer in the power of numbers.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? I do often struggle with finding the time for RDIA, but by scheduling meetings each month I am usually able to make myself available.
What are you working on for RDIA? Currently working on a webinar about the differences in managing an ecommerce vs. B&M business. Support for nominating committee. 

Tamara Champion is founder and CEO of company Parenting By Nature, doing business as Prior to starting in 2004, Tamara spent the previous 10 years as managing various retail outlets including Susy Shier, Smart Set and Starbucks, and also owned her own busy pet styling salon and retail establishment in Toronto for 3 years. In 2003, when Tamara and her husband decided to start a family, she immediately knew she wanted to start something new that could be managed remotely while caring for a new baby. Already passionate about a commitment to the environment and a consumer of natural, reusable products, Tamara recognized a lack of alternative, earth-friendly products for pregnancy, babies and children in the marketplace. Parenting By Nature is easily recognized as one of Canada’s most reputable green juvenile ecommerce retailers and Tamara has become a leading advocate and educator on natural parenting products. Tamara currently lives north of Toronto in the small town of Orillia with her husband and two young girls.

Shannon Doan

Shannon Doan - Wildflower Diapers (Retailer) - 2008-2009

Shannon Doan is owner of Wildflower Diapers, a retail shop of cloth diapers and other environmentally friendly products in Scottsdale, Arizona, since 2005. Shannon holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of South Dakota and an M.S. in Plant Biology from Arizona State University. She has worked for the U.S. Senate in Washington DC, as a legal secretary for a Washington DC law firm, and for Arizona State University as a research botanist and herbarium collections manager.

Rachel Dove

Rachel Dove - Rock Easy Diaper Company (Retailer/At-large) - 2014-2015

My experience with cloth diaper leadership began as a Real Diaper Association leader. That blossomed into filling a local need for another cloth diaper resource. I opened my online shop in July of 2009 with a strong customer service mission.

I have continued my advocacy for cloth diapering through the RDA as a leader and also as a Board Member. I joined RDIA in August of 2013. I hope to continue working in the industry and would like to offer any experience I have to it.

Charlene Foster - Tiny Tush (Manufacturer) - 2013-2014; Vice Chair 2014

Vision for the future of RDIA? Collaborating with other members to find ways to reach more parents.
Vision for the future of the cloth diaper industry? To continue to educate families about cloth diapers.
How did you diaper your children? My favorite system for my youngest son was fitted diapers and wool covers. For both of my grandsons, it was pocket diapers. My great niece is also in pocket diapers.

I am Charlene Foster, CEO and founder of Tiny Tush Natural Baby Products started in 2000. The impressive, carefully thought through innovations in our line of cloth diapers are not only comfortable and adjustable, but they are fun to show off to other parents-to-be. I absolutely love everything cloth diapering. I get so much joy from sharing tips that have helped me and other parents who are interested in a more natural way of parenting. Being a mother of five children and a grandmother of two, I understand what other parents need. We make items that I want to use for my own children and grandchildren. I am the first to admit that I am no Super Mom. It’s just that cloth diapers are easy to use.

Dennis Frederick

Dennis Frederick - All Together Diaper (Manufacturer) - 2008-2011; 2012-2015; Chair 2013-2014

How did you diaper your children? We diapered our younger son with all in one diapers laundered by our diaper service until the service closed, then we laundered the same diapers at home. Our second child was five years later and we home laundered a mix of fitted and all in one diapers. Some of these diapers were left over from our younger son.
Why participate in RDIA board? I am participating on the board because I very much want RDIA to succeed as a voice for a growing and dynamic industry.

Dennis Frederick is the owner of the All Together Diaper, Co, est. 1994, a manufacturer and wholesaler infant cloth diapers and related items. His company provides imported prefold and flat diapers to retailers and diaper services. They also manufacturer fitted diapers, all-in-one diapers, organic diapers and related products in the USA. In addition, his company maintains two retail websites, one for infant cloth diapering and one for adult incontinence. He is a former partner in Mothers' Little Helper Diaper Service, est. 1990, ended 1997. In recent years, his company has expanded into reusable linens for the massage and spa industry. Dennis has a bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering and a master degree in Business Administration. While growing the All Together Diaper, Co as a home based business with the assistance of his wife Bobbie, he also managed the Ground Water Protection Program for the State of Utah between 1997 and 2003. 

Matt Guckin

Matt Guckin - Diaper Junction (Retailer) - 2010-2013

How did you diaper your children? I found Fuzzi Bunz to be the least intimidating.
Why participate in RDIA board? I felt that I knew enough about the industry but was not caught up in the emotional swings that a person running a business goes through day to day.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? I try to do a little everyday, whether reading, providing some feedback, or talking to someone.
What are you working on for RDIA? I am the chair of the Incentives Committee although a bulk of my time right now is spent on

Matt Guckin is co-owner of Soft Cloth Bunz, Inc, better known as Diaper Junction located in Virginia Beach, VA with his wonderful wife of 20 years.  He is Dad to three girls ages 15, 10, and 8. His wife Bryana brought him to cloth diapering initially, when presented with the financial cost of diapering 2 children at the same time. He supported the idea for her to start a home-based cloth diaper retail business as a means to stay home with their children.  Over time he found himself sharing the same passion and belief in cloth diapers with his wife.  After 6 years in operation they moved the business from their home into a shipping warehouse as well as begun manufacturing the Diaper Rite brand of cloth diaper products. Matt retired from the US Navy in August of 2008 and works as an Analyst supporting the Armed Forces.  He holds a BS in Technology Management and is nearly complete with his Masters in Business Administration. He enjoys camping and other outdoor activities with the family.

Jenn Labit

Jennifer Labit - Cotton Babies/bumGenius (Manufacturer) - 2008-2009; Founder; Chair, 2008-2009

Jennifer Labit, is co-founder and CEO of Cotton Babies, Inc.. Founded in 2002 with a tiny $100 investment, Cotton Babies has become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers in the cloth diaper and natural parenting products industry. The company’s flagship bumGenius!® brand, created in 2005 by Jenn and her husband, Jimmy, is currently being manufactured on three continents, distributed on five continents and sold primarily through independent retailers. In addition to being selected by Target for a special parent-inventors project, the bumGenius® brand has received widespread media attention from publications including Time magazine, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Jenn is committed to run her business in an ethical manner that is reflected in an unceasing insistence on extremely high standards in customer service, treatment of employees and production quality. Jenn is a vocal member of the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association and has spoken to members of Congress regarding product safety issues.

Jen Liptrot

Jennifer Liptrot - Diaper Pin (Cloth Diaper Information Service) - 2008-2010

In 2000, Jennifer Liptrot created Diaper Pin in an effort to educate parents about cloth diapering and green living. Her website has grown to host a wealth of information about cloth diapers in the form of product reviews, business listings, customer reviews, busy forums and many articles on cloth diapering. While her children have grown out of the diapering stage, she continues to stay green using cloth and other reusable items instead of disposables wherever she can. Jennifer has a B.S. in Computer Science and works full time as a manager of a web development group. On Sundays, she volunteers as a religious education teacher at her church. When not working, she enjoys family time with her husband and two children.

Cecelia Lucero

Cecelia Lucero - San Diego Diaper Service (Diaper Service) - 2009-2010

Cecelia Lucero owns a small diaper service: San Diego Diaper Service. She runs the business with her husband and 18 month old daughter Megan in San Diego County. Cecelia was a middle school teacher until Megan was born in 2007. That is when she realized that she wanted to be a SAHM.  Cecelia & family used the diaper service with their daughter until the previous owner decided to shut the business down. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to stay home with Megan, so they bought the business in November of 2007 and have been so happy! Cecelia has a BA in US History and a Masters in Education, her husband is an active duty Marine that has been deployed 4 times.  Currently Cecelia volunteers with the Real Diaper Association and belong to several cloth diapering networking groups.

Mia McDonald

Mia McDonald - Mother Earth Diaper Service (At-large) - 2012-2013

How did you diaper your children? In my home, we primarily use prefolds and covers and fitteds with hemp or bamboo inserts for nighttime. We have about 80 diapers total so I don’t have to wash every day like a crazy person.
Why are you participating in RDIA board? I hope to help pool the resources and talents of other cloth diaper business owners while promoting cloth diapers back into the mainstream so as many families and communities can take advantage of all the benefits that come with their use.

Mia earned a B.A. in Advertising from Hampton University and MBA in Marketing from Ellis College of NYIT. Mia's love for cloth diapering began years before she ever thought of having children. Cloth diapering is a family tradition and is in-line with her passion for environmentally friendly living. After her daughter's birth in 2011, she knew a cloth diapering business would enable her to spend more time with her family while serving the community. Mother Earth Diaper Service became that outlet, which serves South Florida's Tri-county area with weekly pickup and delivery service. Mia’s role as a volunteer cloth diaper educator, certified by The Real Diaper Association, allows her to make sure parents know and understand cloth diapering as a viable, cost effective and eco-friendly option for their family.

Kim Meador

Kim Meador - Eco Baby Diaper Service (Diaper Service) - 2012

How did you diaper your children? My children were introduced to prefolds, and that is what is near and dear to our hearts!
Why participate in RDIA board? Because collectively we can do so much more for our industry and it takes dedication and actions so I felt I should step up and do my part to help.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? Whenever possible including scheduling time for planned events or seeing what still needs to be done when I have a little extra time.
What are you working on for RDIA? Diaper Service Accreditation enrollment for Diaper Services.

Kim Meador is the owner of Eco-Baby Diaper Service, LLC. She and her husband Michael are parents of boy/girl twins, now 9 years old. They were getting diaper rashes and as soon as one cleared up they would have it again. They were sent cloth diapers from a family member who was a nurse in another state and found them to immediately help the diaper rash; from then on we were sold by the use of cloth diapers! In March of 2011, Eco Baby Diaper Service, LLC. Launched serving Southwest Florida.  Kim has just started cloth diapering classes and is now including some retail diapers and accessories for families in the South Florida market for diapers and accessories.

Mandi Meidlinger

Mandi Meidlinger - Jillian’s Drawers (Retailer) - 2009-2014; Chair 2011-2012

How did you diaper your child? I love little things about each. Prefolds with wool were favorite.
Why participate in RDIA board? When I look at all the ways I can give back, serving our industry seemed to be where my time would be most valued and have the biggest effect. 
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? Blocks of time during early morning hours.
What are you working on for RDIA? Research of associations in general, creating secure financial future, managing projects, creating member surveys, laying the groundwork for increasing retention and recruiting, building alliances, leading board meetings, meetings with administrator and communications director.

Mandi Meidlinger began her business in 2005 after the birth of her daughter, Jillian.  Jillian's Drawers consists of a retail store in Ithaca, New York, as well as an online natural parenting site.  Mandi is committed to maintaining ethics in every aspect of her business, including her relations with employees, customers, and manufacturers. Jillian's Drawers is Living Wage certified, offers paid time off and a flexible schedule for their employees.  Customer service is Mandi's top priority, as well as ensuring products are safe for mom and baby.  Mandi supports local businesses, women-owned businesses, and works with wholesalers that offer excellent working conditions.  Jillian's Drawers is the recipient of a 2008 Tompkin's County New Sustainable Enterprise award and Mandi has been quoted in Mothering Magazine, The Ithaca Journal, and Tompkin's Weekly.  Mandi is a board member of the Real Diaper Industry Association, which works to promote cloth diapering.  Mandi holds a M.S. in Accelerator Physics from Michigan State University and has prior experience teaching physics, chemistry, and material science. 

Dave Milligan

Dave Milligan - Bambino Mio (Manufacturer) - 2010-2012

How did you diaper your children? I will admit (with regret) that using cloth diapers never was even considered.
Why participate in RDIA board? Serving on the Board provides a chance to share with the industry my views, talents and experience.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? Many times I am answering emails etc at 5am! But for the most part I simply work my responsibilities into my daily task lists.
What are you working on for RDIA? I personally am involved in recruiting and retention.

Dave Milligan is a Sales Development Manager for Regal Lager, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Bambino Mio in the United States. He has been in the children’s industry since 1989, is passionate about business and especially in the growth of the cloth diaper category. He ran a retail store for many years and developed multiple products that have gone to market, from cribs to car seat components. Later, as a National Sales Manager for a furniture as well as a stroller company, he also gained invaluable insight from the retailer’s view. Dave feels most at home right on the floor of the store, working closely with retailers on staff training and merchandising. He believes strongly in the pursuit of putting more babies in cloth diapers and travels extensively all over the country to raise awareness. Dave, who is enthusiastic about being part of the RDIA as a board member, resides in Kennesaw, Georgia. He is happily married to Danean and is the proud father of three rambunctious boys and an adorable daughter.

Sara Moore - Ju-Ju Monkey (Retailer) - 2013-2016; Treasurer 2013-2015

Vision for the future of RDIA? Become an invaluable resource to its members. Higher member recruitment and retention. Streamlining the organization.
Vision for the future of the cloth diaper industry? We are in an upward trend and should take advantage of this time. Members in the industry need to band together, especially in good times to prevent and plan for sustainability in the event of a downward trend. There is power in numbers, and we all know that business is a numbers game!
How did you diaper your child? I really had no favorite as I loved experimenting with all of them.

Originally from Los Angeles, Ca, Sara Moore moved to Pennsylvania soon after her son was born in 2008 where she left her career in engineering. Having a baby introduced Sara to many new things, one being cloth diapers. The learning process was trial & error. In June of 2010, Sara felt the obligation to other mothers to provide a resource for cloth diapering. There needed to be a local place in the Lehigh Valley for families to come talk, touch and learn about cloth diapers. From that, Ju-Ju Monkey was born.

Wanting to offer her customers quality expert care, Sara joined the Real Diaper Association and Real Diaper Industry Association in 2010. Her goal to get more babies in cloth diapers led Sara to become an accredited RDA Circle Leader and her desire to see the industry grow initiated her to serve on the Boards of Directors for both organizations.

Christine Munn

Christine Munn - es baby (Artisan Manufacturer) - 2011-2014

How did you diaper your children? we used mostly fitteds and wool with my son. our wool stash was pretty large. he never wore jeans or pants, as we had longies for the winter time and shorties and soakers for the summer. 
Why participate in RDIA board? i joined the RDIA board because i wanted to see what i could do as a board member to help other artisans in the industry. 
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? i work on RDIA related things in between the work i do for my business. 
What are you working on for RDIA? i am helping on PR.

Christine Munn has been a small manufacturer, making cloth diapers and cloth diapering products, for about six years. She sells her es baby brand of diapers through her online store and has wholesaled the diapers to local natural parenting stores. She sews everything herself. She knows how much work small manufacturers do to keep their businesses running. Not only do they make their products, but they take care of all the back-end work, like web design, promotion, etc. She wants to stop the disposable culture. She envisions more people using cloth diapers and making cloth diapering more mainstream without sacrificing the quality of the diapers. Good quality diapers not only sell, but they convince people to use them---and tell their friends to use them. 

Shirley Murdock

Shirley Murdock - Bummis (Manufacturer/At-large) - 2008-2016; Secretary 2013-2014

How did you diaper your children? Prefolds and covers, but I love all the permutations out there!
Why participate in RDIA board? Having lived the downfall of the cloth diapering industry in the 90s, we felt compelled to join forces with other cloth diapering businesses.
When does RDIA fit into your schedule? It is often a juggling act. Sometimes I drop a ball or two but usually I can keep them all in the air.
What are you working on for RDIA? Distribute Diaper Service kits & Consider Cloth kits in Canada, Laundry, Nominating, and Incentives Committees, and board duties.

Shirley Murdock is co-owner of Bummis Inc., a cloth diaper manufacturer and distributor based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Shirley and her partner Betsy Thomas also own and operate 2 retail stores in the Montreal area, as well as a French retail website associated with the stores. They have made it their mission to establish Bummis as a sustainable model of business - one that supports community in many different ways. And community at Bummis means more than just local - it involves employees, clients, suppliers and fellow industry members. Their focus is on the impact of their business on environment and community - in a social, ecological and spiritual sense. Shirley has a background in biochemistry and worked at establishing biochemical testing systems through statistical analysis in many hospitals in Canada before pursuing her own business in 1991. She is an active volunteer in her local community and has managed many minor sports teams. Her passions are her family, hockey and building business in an ethical and eco-friendly way.

Tashi Nibber

Tashi Nibber - Kissaluvs (Manufacturer) - 2008-2009

For Tashi Nibber, a mom to two young boys and the owner of Kissaluvs, cloth diapers are a natural fit. Growing up on a farm in North India, Tashi herself was cloth diapered. She has seen the cotton being picked, seen it being woven into a thread on her grandmother's spinning wheel, and even seen that thread being woven to cloth on the loom in her village. With a Masters in Marketing and in Computer Science, she has previously worked in the Newspaper and Communication industries. On the birth of her first son, she went back to her roots of living simply and naturally, and took over the reins of Kissaluvs. She believes in natural parenting and creating the best products for kids and runs her business with the philosophy “be great rather than big”.

Jennifer Rosenberg

Jennifer Rosenberg - Orange Diaper Company (Artisan Manufacturer / At-large) - 2011-2013

Jennifer Rosenberg owns Orange Diaper Company, a small, family owned business since 2008. Each item they produce is lovingly and expertly hand-crafted in Virginia. Jennifer loves what she does and it shows. "We feel incredibly lucky to be doing something we love so much, and to be making a living & supporting our family doing it."
Ann-Marie Speirs

Ann-Marie Speirs - Cozy Baby Boutique (Retailer) - 2008-2010, Founder

Ann-Marie Speirs founded Cozy Baby Boutique in 2005, a retail store specializing in cloth diapers, baby carriers and other natural products. She provides education for health care, labor, and birth professionals to further advocate the use of cloth diapers and is a member of the Real Diaper Association. Prior to starting her cloth diaper business, Ann-Marie worked in donor development (fundraising) for Plymouth Housing Group. She has served as a board member and an officer for several non-profit organizations, including Great Starts, a non-profit providing childbirth education and the publishers of the Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn book. Ann-Marie has also been a founding board member of two different charities. Since 1995 Ann-Marie has been a member of the Seattle Junior Chamber of Commerce, an international not-for-profit organization providing leadership training through community service. Ann-Marie served as president of the Seattle Chapter in 2001 which included managing a building and 23 employees. She is experienced in event coordination, fundraising, and volunteer management.

Jen Temple

Jennifer Moore Temple - Buzzie Bee Diapers (Diaper Service) - 2008-2009

Jennifer Moore Temple owns a small scale cloth diaper service and supply company with a focus on green laundering – Buzzie Bee Diapers, est. 2005. She runs the business with her husband and daughters on the coast of Maine. Jennifer volunteers for the Real Diaper Association and belongs to two local networking groups for women. Jennifer has a BA in Shakespearean Drama from Bates College and participated in the Urban Teaching Program at Wheelock College. She has worked in education, social service, healthcare and finance

Abbie Vander Muelen

Abbie Vander Meulen - Mom's Milk Boutique (Retailer) - 2012-2015

How did/do you diaper your children? I have cloth diapered 3 of my 4 children. I have used everything under the sun, but I am a fitted and wool lover at heart!
Why have you chosen to participate in RDIA board? I strongly believe in the use of reusable diapers on a mainstream basis. In order to get that message out, more advocates are needed.

Abbie Vander Meulen is a co-founder of Mom's Milk Boutique in Southern Illinois. Her sister, Bonnie, and she started the company in 2007 in an effort to bring more natural products to their hometown and eventually extended internationally through their online website. Abbie is passionate about making cloth diapering affordable and accessible to all people for all of the financial and many environmental benefits.

Abbie has a BA in Business and spent many years as a commercial business banker for a super-regional bank in the Mid-West. She was a member of Junior League, Rotary International, and a board member of Perry Nursery School. She currently resides with her husband in Switzerland where she is busy homeschooling her 4 children and keeping up with the day to day at MMB.

Cari Wolverton

Cari Wolverton - Papaya Patch (Retailer) - 2009-2010

Cari Wolverton is the owner of Papaya Patch, a back to basics boutique specializing in natural and organic products for babies. After having her daughter in 2003, Cari became a passionate advocate for many aspects of a natural parenting lifestyle and recognized the need for local access to products that supported such choices. Papaya Patch was the answer; it has become a cornerstone in the Greater Hartford community offering classes and resources for cloth diapers, baby wearing, natural childbirth and homebirth, breastfeeding, natural and holistic healthcare, and environmentally responsible living. Cari holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut and has experience in social service, business, and marketing.

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