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How does the cloth diaper industry communicate?

Communications Survey

February 2011

Building on strategic planning 2009‐2010, the Real Diaper Industry Association asked members in February 2011 how they communicate. Of 163 members, 77 (47%) took the long survey and 20 (12%) took the short survey; 97 (60%) members participated total.

As made clear in a survey invitation to all members, only those who took the long survey will receive a summary of the full survey, though selected information from the survey will be shared among members and with the public. These are the results of the short survey, to be shared with all members and the public.

Of the 20 members who answered the short survey, 32% receive & read RDIA emails and 63% receive & usually read them. Only 1 reads the emails just sometimes, and none leave emails unread. 83% find the frequency of communications about right, and 17% want to hear from RDIA more often.

6 Questions on Short Survey

  1. Where do you have business conversations?
  2. How long have you been in the cloth diaper business?
  3. Do you receive RDIA emails?
  4. Do you hear from RDIA (frequency)
  5. What is the most important benefit of RDIA for you & your business?
  6. How would you prefer to be involved in RDIA?

Benefits of RDIA

  • Industry news (3)
  • Networking (2)
  • Building industry (2)
  • Business education (2)
  • Learn from experienced members (2)
  • Annual meeting
  • Diaper service listing
  • Recognition as founding member
  • Push cloth diapers into mainstream

Cloth diaper industry survey how long in business

Cloth diaper industry survey business conversationsHow would you like to be involved in RDIA
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