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Bambino Mio sales of cloth diapers doubled in the U.S.

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Bambino Mio

Month of May showing record breaking sales of modern sustainable cotton diapers

KENNESAW, GEORGIA – June 3, 2010 – What’s up with 21st century cloth diapers? They are definitely not your “Grandmother’s cloth diapers”. Enthusiasm and interest in the entire category of modern cloth diapers, not only in Bambino Mio, has been on an exceptional rise this spring, with record sales in May. As members of The Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA), a nonprofit organization for manufacturers, retailers and diaper services, we have recently received reports indicating a clear increase in interest for cloth diapers, as well as in retailers’ actual sales. Diaper services have also seen a significant upswing in interest for their services and are working hard to adjust to the increased demand. Stores across the country have more parents and expecting parents than ever coming in to research cloth diaper options. Some are considering a switch from disposable diapers while others have already decided on cloth diapers as a cost saving and environmentally healthier alternative. Some wish to do their part to help protect the environment for future generations. Others say they no longer want to expose their babies’ sensitive skin to any of the chemicals used in disposable diapers.

“Just like cloth diapers became a thing of the past eventually, disposable diapers are now becoming a thing of the past. They always say that trends come back around but I would say this is one that needs to stay. Everyone is starting to realize that not only is it much better for the Earth but it is also much better for the child's skin and it is much more cost effective. Being in a down economy has really encouraged our customers to consider cloth diapers. Plus they are so easy to use now it is almost foolish not to give them a try.”

Lindsay Nelson of the New Baby Products store in Atlanta, Georgia

As parents reflect on the 27 billion disposable diapers sent to landfills each year in the United States alone, the choice seems easy and logical. The more families use cloth diapers, switching to disposable diapers only when out and about, the more money they save. There are many ways to increase their savings, e.g. by washing in phosphate free detergents specifically designed for cold water and hanging diapers to dry instead of using the dryer. Parents can easily save $1,500 <> with the first child and substantially more with subsequent children, as the cloth diapers last through multiple children. This takes into account the initial investment and washing/energy use.

Today’s consumer is more environmentally aware than ever. The more parents start to look into sensible cotton diapers and see the advantages, the more the category is growing. The 2-piece system from Bambino Mio is the leading cloth diaper in Europe and now is often chosen by parents as the best diaper solution in the United States.

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