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  • 25 Jun 2011 1:05 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Ruby Moon (Retailer)
    Member since 23 February 2011
    Casco, Maine

    Maine entrepreneurs find some angels for the details
    Ruby MoonA nonprofit business incubator and USM students assist with finances, marketing and technical processes.

    GORHAM - Doug and Lyndsay Sanborn are already selling their all-natural laundry detergents to 28 retailers throughout the country, but they still haven't worked out all the kinks of their new business.

    The Casco couple are hoping students from the University of Southern Maine's College of Science, Technology and Health can help.

    The Sanborns' startup, Ruby Moon, is one of four chosen to participate in Campus Ventures, a new program created in collaboration with the Maine Center for Enterprise Development in Portland.

    The center, a nonprofit business incubator, assists the entrepreneurs with the financial and marketing aspects of their companies, while the students help with technical processes, including manufacturing and quality control.

    The 10 student interns in the program are paid $9.25 an hour and work on the projects for between 15 and 20 hours per week for about 10 months, said Michael Wing, director of external programs at USM.

    Doug and Lyndsay of Ruby Moon
  • 09 Jun 2011 11:45 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Diaper Junction (Retailer)
    Member since 10 September 2008
    Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Diaper Junction Debuts Cloth Diapering Service

    Diaper Junction cloth diapers
    HAMPTON ROADS, VA, June 8, 2011 - Diaper Junction has announced the debut of its new cloth diaper laundering service in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Customers receive a set of clean cloth diapers, a hamper and a waterproof reusable bag. The weekly service picks up dirty diapers and leaves clean ones in their place for approximately $19 per week, depending on the monthly plan.

    Diaper Junction sells supplies for cloth diapering. Parents buy them online or in person and do the laundering themselves. Diaper Junction received many local requests for a laundering service, something that the area has not seen in more than 20 years. The service now caters to local parents that don't have the time or the desire to wash their own diapers. Chesapeake Service Systems, a local non-profit organization which employs adults with disabilities, handles the laundering of the cotton reusable diapers.

    "We have been in the cloth diaper retail business for eight years. We feel that cloth diapers are healthier," said Bryana Guckin, president of Diaper Junction. "There are no chemicals like what you find in disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are healthier for the environment and keep disposable diapers out of landfills. They are also cheaper, because babies potty train six months sooner than those in disposable diapers."

    For parents who are unsure about taking on cloth diapering full-time, Diaper Junction offers a week-long Test Drive program. Customers receive everything included in the regular service with no further obligation if they decide it's not for them.

    "Moms can get their feet wet without laying out the extra money," said Guckin. "We know that cloth diapers are not the norm these days, so we want people to be comfortable with what they're getting into."

    About Diaper Junction: Diaper Junction ( is a family owned and operated cloth diaper store and diaper service located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is the premier source for cloth diapers for babies, diaper covers and cloth diapering accessories.
  • 09 May 2011 10:46 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Do Good cloth diapers Do Good Diapers (Diaper Service)
    RDIA member since 4 August 2009
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    New Dad Gets the "Poop" on Cloth Diapers

    Peter Allen left corporate America a few years ago to start “Do Good Diapers.” For $20 a week, parents can get about 60 diapers delivered to their home.

    Do Good picks up their dirty ones to be washed back at their facility. Thousands go through the washer each week, but before that happens they are sorted based on their “degree of saturation.”

    “Who gets that job?” I asked.

    “We have a couple of great employees,” said Allen.

    His reason for starting this also has to do with environment.

    “Later on this year we will be hitting our one-millionth diaper. We track all the diapers that come in, we count them and that’s what we return to our customers. So we have a running tally of how many diapers we are keeping out of landfills,” said Allen.

    Read and watch the full story on WCCO-TV, including a look at the Do Good Diapers laundering facility.
  • 06 May 2011 3:34 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Namaste Mama (Manufacturer)
    Member since 24 February 2010
    Chandler, Arizona

    Namaste Mama LLC awarded patent for one size diaper using adjustable elastic

    Evolution cloth diaperNamaste Mama LLC, the innovative company behind the Evolution ION one size cloth diaper is  pleased to announce the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Patent Number 7,914,507 for their one size diaper using adjustable elastic.

    Evolution ION One Size Diapers™ are the first of their kind to use patented adjustable elastic in the legs and the waist for a perfect fit, from 5-40 pounds! The Coolmax blend uses silver ION technology and recycled water bottles to keep your baby cool, dry, and rash free!

    Namaste Mama cloth diapers
    More information about this revolutionary cloth diaper can be found at

  • 04 May 2011 3:21 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Country Drawers (Retailer)
    Member since February 21, 2011
    Holbrook, Nebraska

    Holbrook’s Gross turns family need into booming business

    Country Drawers cloth diapersHOLBROOK - Cloth diapers weren’t necesarrily at the top of Tara Gross’ list. But after months of research leading up to the birth of her son and some coaxing from a friend, Gross decided that cloth diapers were the way to go.

    Now, that decision has turned into a local and online business that is growing almost daily.

    Gross started Country Drawers, a business that carries 15 different brands of cloth diapers as well as other eco-friendly baby products, as a side business out of her home. Almost all of her sales were done over the internet.

    Slowly, the business grew until her family home wasn’t big enough and she opened a shop in the Central Plains Development Center, formerly the school building in Holbrook.

    Read the full story in the Cambridge Clarion.
  • 22 Apr 2011 11:41 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Peapods cloth diapersDo Good cloth diapers Peapods (Retailer)
    RDIA member since 31 December 2009
    St Paul, Minnesota

    Do Good Diapers (Diaper Service)
    RDIA member since 4 August 2009
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Record Wreckers: Diapers Galore

    Great Cloth Diaper Change hosts Peter Allen (RDIA board member) and Dan Marshall (RDIA member and HTA founder and board member) are interviewed on their local television news station ahead of the GCDC event on April 23rd.

    If you don't see the video above, the story can be viewed at KARE11.
  • 17 Apr 2011 11:00 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Diaper Pin (Diaper Info Service)
    Member since 1 January 2009
    Raleigh, North Carolina

    Diaper Pin cloth diaper informationDiaper Pin Celebrates 11th Birthday with Contest Series

    RALEIGH, NC, April 16, 2011 -  In what has become an annual tradition, Diaper Pin is celebrating its birthday with an multi-day contest series. The event is called "P'in our Prime" playing on the word "Pin" - Diaper Pin's nickname given by the loyal forum members.

    Typically Diaper Pin unveils the details of each contest throughout the duration of the event adding to the excitement and anticipation for the members. Diaper Pin hosts a variety of contests so visitors can take part in at least one, if not all of them. While the specifics are not given ahead of time, prior contests have included photo submissions, scavenger hunts, caption contests and trivia quizzes. Diaper Pin has a few new, fun and engaging contests this year.

    The leading online destination dedicated to the support of cloth diapers, Diaper Pin, celebrates its 11th anniversary this year. Over the past eleven years, the Diaper Pin site ( has grown tremendously in terms of the site’s offerings as well as avid followers.  Today, Diaper Pin has more than 200 current directory members, 2300 products listings, 4000 business and product reviews, and a wonderful community of cloth diapering parents who provide support for cloth diapering- and parenting-related interests.  The community’s unique activities include Pin Pals – where members give hand-me downs or gifts to fellow members; various support forums; and sell and trade programs.

    Participate in Diaper Pin's community through its forums, facebook page or twitter.

    About Diaper Pin

    The ultimate resource for cloth diapering, Diaper Pin ( is maintained by a small group of mamas who are dedicated to the support of cloth diapers. Diaper Pin features a comprehensive cloth diaper business directory, cloth diaper product reviews, parenting support forums, articles, and cloth diapering tips and advice.  Diaper Pin was founded in May 2000.
  • 15 Apr 2011 4:02 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Bummis (Manufacturer)
    Charter member since 10 September 2008
    Montreal, Quebec

    Bummis cloth diapersWorld Record to be set in Montreal on April 23rd 2011 at 12:30PM!

    Boutique Bummis & BabyAuric Diaper Service are co-hosting The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011 at Bummis’ new boutique on St-Laurent Blvd.

    This is a global effort to set a Guinness World Record for how many babies can be changed into cloth diapers at one time. There will be events in over 400 communities around the world – including Montreal.

    The Green Party of Canada representative, François Pilon has graciously agreed to be the official witness for this first of its kind World Record attempt.

    Cloth diapers have come a long way in the past 10 years, and our goal is to generate awareness, as cloth diapering once again becomes mainstream.

    A few fun facts:

    • Cloth diapers are really easy to use
    • Diaper services deliver to your door, but cost the same or less than using disposables
    • Buying and washing your own cloth diapers will save you about $2000
    • Using cloth diapers will prevent one ton of garbage per baby from ending up in our landfills
    • Babies love the softness and comfort of cloth diapers... and
    • Cloth diapers are REALLY cute

    Members of the press and community are invited to attend the fun-filled family event this April 23rd to show support for families using cloth diapers, Montreal diaper subsidy programming and local environmental initiatives.

    Event Location:  4302 Saint Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Z3

    The official record breaking event will be taking place at 12:30pm EST.  Arrive around 12:00pm for opening ceremonies.  The day will include over $5000 of giveaways and fun family activities in Portugal Park.

    What better way to celebrate Earth Day?  Pre-registrants from will receive free gift bag and raffle tickets.

    For more information: Jamie Wolfe (514 289-9855, x206) or Samantha Cockburn (514 483-2874)

  • 12 Apr 2011 3:25 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Atlanta Diaper Service (Diaper Service)
    RDIA Member Since 24 Nov 2010
    Marietta, Georgia

    Atlanta Diaper ServiceAtlanta Diaper Service is a division of Natural Parenting Atlanta.

    Earth Day Attempt to Put Cloth Diapers on Record

    Atlanta cloth diapering families join 400 international locations in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time.

    Most parents of young babies would probably say that diapering is one of the less enjoyable tasks of parenthood. But this group of Atlanta parents, spearheaded by Natural Parenting Atlanta, love their diapers so much they’re hoping to memorialize them in a world record.

    Part of an international event organized by the Real Diaper Association, The Great Cloth Diaper Change will take place on April 23. In localized events timed to coincide across different time zones, the Great Cloth Diaper Change will attempt to set a Guinness
    World Record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time. Timed to coincide with Earth Day, the event is intended to raise awareness about cloth diapers and publicize the availability and convenience of modern cloth diapers. Within the first week after
    registration opened, more than 70 Atlanta families signed up to participate in the event. Over 150 are expected to register.

    According to the Real Diaper Association, the average baby wears approximately 6,000 diapers during the first two years of life. Over 92% of disposable diapers are put into landfills, where they can take as long as 250 years to decompose. They are the third largest single consumer item in landfills, and the manufacture and use of disposable diapers uses 2.3 times more water than cloth.

    “Nothing comes closer to your baby than a diaper, so the diapering decisions a parent makes is extremely important. Being a cloth diaper convert and mother of five myself, I know the realm of diapering a baby pretty well. I believe that using reusable cloth diapers is not only better for the environment, but far healthier and much more comfortable than the use of single-use disposable diapers composed of synthetic paper, plastic, and chemicals.” Rachel Harp, CEO of Natural Parenting Atlanta, is organizing the intown Atlanta location for the Great Cloth Diaper Change, which will take place at Leapin’ Lizards Play and Party Facility in Decatur, Georgia, from 11 to 1 pm on April 23. The actual diaper change will occur at 12:30 pm.

    For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Lisa Baker at 678.982.0744 or via email at
  • 11 Apr 2011 10:30 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Dandy Diaper Service (Diaper Service)
    RDIA member since 13 January 2011
    Southwest Harbor, Maine

    Dandy Diaper Service in Southwest Harbor MaineDandy Diaper Service hopes to capitalize on cloth diaper rebirth

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine -  From a storefront just off Main Street in Southwest Harbor, Hudson washes, dries and folds parents’ cloth diapers and delivers fresh ones every week. Her service provides parents the option of using cloth diapers without having to do the messy cleaning in their own homes.

    “You never think, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a diaper cleaner,’” the 33-year-old Georgia native said Saturday from her store, which opened in January. “But it’s something I would have loved to have as a parent, and there is definitely a need.”

    Hudson’s two children, a 6-year-old and an almost 4-year-old, are out of diapers now, but she and her husband, a local lobsterman, did use cloth diapers with her youngest. There was no diaper service then, so they did all the work themselves.

    Dandy Diapers in Bangor Daily News

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