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  • 05 Aug 2010 8:27 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Handmade Toy Alliance (Associate member)
    RDIA Member Since 27 July 2010
    Stamford, Connecticut

    The Handmade Toy Alliance launches new website

    Handmade Toy Alliance logoStamford, CT – August 2, 2010 – This past month, the Handmade Toy Alliance (HTA) launched a new web site with improved member and navigation features. The updated site will allow the HTA to more easily support small batch manufacturers and specialty retailers as well as share information with the public.

    “Since our inception in November of 2008, and later incorporation in April of 2009, the HTA has grown by leaps and bounds – now supporting over 400 small businesses nationwide,” stated Randy Hertzler, Board Member and owner of EuroToyShop (PA) and BigWindow LLC (, a web design and programming company. “The new site will allow us to connect with members quicker and easier with new forums, interactive features and an eventual marketplace.”

    “This has been a massive undertaking,” Hertzler shared. “Since we began as a grassroots organization, our information was stored in 3 or 4 different locations and formats. Installing the new web site allows us to organize our data in one central location and helps to move our alliance forward as it develops into a professional trade organization.”

    "We were lucky that Randy was able to combine his experiences as a toy store owner and programmer for our cause," said HTA vice president Dan Marshall of Peapods Natural Toys (MN). Layout and navigation design for the new site was also donated by graphic designer and branding consultant, Lizzie Sorensen ( "Many hours of work went in to this effort which will benefit our members for years to come," Marshall added.

    The HTA includes retail stores, toymakers and children's product manufacturers from across the country who want to preserve consumer access to unique handmade toys, clothes and all manner of small batch children's goods in the USA. Formed in November of 2008 in response to the CPSIA, HTA members are parents, grandparents and consumers who are passionate about their businesses as well as the safety of the children in their lives. While in support of the spirit of the law, the unintended consequences of the CPSIA have motivated members of the HTA to work to enact change at a federal level. For more information, visit

    Dan Marshall, co-owner
    Peapods Natural Toys &
    Baby Care (St. Paul, MN)
    Tel. 651-238-8398

    Jill Chuckas, Owner,
    Designer Crafty Baby
    (Stamford, CT)
    Tel. 888-788-5168

    Cecilia Leibovitz,
    Craftsbury Kids
    Tel. 802-223-7143

    Mary Newell, Owner
    Terrapin Toys
    (Eugene, OR)
    Tel. 541-461-1585

  • 02 Aug 2010 10:57 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (Associate member)
    RDIA member since 28 July 2010
    New York, NY

    Baby Carrier Industry AllianceBCIA Opens For General Membership

    New York, NY,  July 28, 2010    The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) is excited to announce their initial push for members. In their efforts to reach both individuals and businesses of all sizes, the BCIA has set a membership structure to appeal to all audiences. With their key initiatives in mind, the BCIA asks members to contribute as much as they can.

    Kristi Hayes-Devlin, board chair, emphasizes the time-sensitive first action items of the BCIA.  "Infant slings have been recently placed in the 'durable infant product' category, which requires a mandatory CPSC standard," explains Hayes-Devlin. 

    Hayes-Devlin points to this quote from Inez Tenenbaum, CPSC chairperson: “If you act swiftly, like ASTM has done recently with cribs, then we at CPSC can recognize the improved standard at the mandatory level.” 

    "This is why the first order of business of the BCIA is to finalize an excellent voluntary standard for infant slings that is both safe and also achievable for small babywearing businesses," continues Hayes-Devlin.  "From there, we will move to unite our industry behind the message that babywearing is critical to the public health of families everywhere.  To achieve these goals, we need both funds and practical support."

    Membership in the BCIA is divided into two primary categories – "General Supporter" for those individuals and businesses who support the work of the BCIA but not a part of the industry, and "Business Member" for companies and individuals who are financially invested in the industry.

    "We really wanted to have a place for the parents, friends, and supportive organizations to have voice and see what we do, even if they are not financially invested in this industry," says Britt Pegan, BCIA board member and head of the membership subcommittee.  "This is why we created the Friend and Champion levels.  We have some fun benefits for both outlined on the website, but in particular our Champions will receive ongoing discounts and promotions with vendors both in and outside the trade.  Also, BCIA 'supporters' also have access to our member-only forums."

    The Business Memberships are available at four graduated levels and offer several key benefits to businesses, such as group buying power, access to international research on babywearing and baby carriers, the opportunity to vote on policies and run for elected positions, a listing on the BCIA website and in the "Who's New?" section of their newsletter, and membership in the BCIA business forums, where open legitimate business-related industry discussion already happens.  Additionally, all members joining before September 1, 2010 will hold a designation of "Charter Member" for the duration of their membership. 

    "The membership guidelines are just that -- guidelines.  We want our members to join us in achieving our goals at the level that best fits their business," continues Pegan.  "The more businesses and individuals contributing to our campaigns, the stronger we will all be.  We are hoping to see a stellar response to this Alliance."

    For more information on the BCIA check out their website:

    CONTACT: Joanna McNeilly, Speranza Enterprises, LLC
  • 07 Jul 2010 10:16 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Real Diaper Association (Associate member)
    RDIA member since 8 Dec 2008
    San Diego, California

    Real Diaper Association celebrates 6th anniversary with $3,500 in 35 days
    Real Diaper Association cloth diapersWhat a great time for cloth diapers!

    More families than at any time in the past generation are choosing 100% reusable cloth diapers because of cost savings, lower environmental impact, or health concerns.  Cloth diapers are available in major stores.  There are hundreds of cloth diaper brands and styles to meet every diapering need.  And, cloth diaper advocates are spreading their experience online and in their local communities.  

    Six years ago, Real Diaper Association set out to encourage advocates to reach out to parents and caregivers to choose cloth diapers for babies.  

    Since 2004, Real Diaper Association has played a leading role in the cloth diaper movement. They have trained grassroots advocates to run local Real Diaper Circles, compiled and distributed research, worked with the media, businesses, and other organizations to increase awareness of cloth diapers, and provided unbiased support for consumers. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, RDA does this with the support of their member donors’ tax deductible gifts.

    Last year, RDA employed an Executive Director who is leading the organization in a flurry of activity.

    Fifteen active Real Diaper Circles hold local meetings, teaching families face to face how to use cloth diapers. Nearly 100 volunteers in training are working become Real Diaper Circle Leaders across the U.S. and Canada.

    August 11th is Real Diaper Association’s 6th anniversary.  To celebrate years of cloth diaper education and advocacy and to support the position of Executive Director, they have launched a campaign to raise $3,500 in 35 days.  

    There is more work to be done to advocate cloth diapers.  The Real Diaper Association Executive Director has volunteers ready to do that work, and it’s time for cloth diaper advocates to support the position of RDA Executive Director so she can change the world one baby at a time.

    Please tell your contacts that you support cloth diapers, and ask them to support Real Diaper Association in their cloth diaper education and advocacy.  

    Support $3,500 in 35 days for Real Diapers.

    Contact Angela Imes for more information.

    Visit the Real Diaper Association website and blog.
    Connect with Real Diaper Association on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Razoo.
  • 30 Jun 2010 3:01 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    green generation diaper service (Diaper Service)
    RDIA Charter member since 20 September 2009
    Ashland, Oregon

    green generation diaper service Celebrates Launch of New Web store
    Green Generation Diaper ServiceSouthern Oregon diaper service launches new website with eco-friendly products, gift registry and gift certificates

    Green generation diaper service, located in Ashland, Oregon, is happy to announce the launch of their new web store. The newly redesigned e-commerce site features organic cotton diapers, diaper covers, cathchalls, flow pads, wash cloths and baby clothing along with organic body care for baby. 

    Green generation Owner, Nikki Helvey is hopeful that the offering of products will expand even further as quality vendors submit applications for including their products on the eco-conscious web store. Helvey inspiration for creating the web store was to make it even easier for clients to order the organic cloth diapers and diaper covers they need, as well as find quality, tested, environmentally friendly non-toxic products for babies. 

    Her new site also enable families to create gift registries, and sells gift certificates for products of diaper service friends. Stop by the new website at
  • 23 Jun 2010 6:03 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Buzzie Bee (Diaper Service)
    RDIA Charter member since 4 October 2008
    Camden, Maine

    Clean Bee Laundry Clean Bee Laundry, home of Buzzie Bee Diapers, celebrates 1st Anniversary
    family run laundromat celebrates its first birthday with treats for customers and staff

    Clean Bee Laundry, located in the Renys Plaza in Camden, will celebrate its first anniversary on Monday, June 28. Owners Broo and Jennifer Temple invite all customers to stop in and celebrate with them. Clean Bee will have birthday goodies, including donut holes from Willow Bake Shoppe in Rockland and homemade cookies baked by Jennifer's mom.  The eco-friendly laundromat will offer a raffles for complimentary services and products.  Clean Bee Laundry's staff will be celebrating by having pedicures at Rheal Day Spa that afternoon. The laundromat will remain open with its usual summer hours, Monday 8AM - 8:30PM.  For more information, please call Clean Bee at 236-2530 or visit

  • 04 Jun 2010 11:10 AM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Bambino Mio (Manufacturer)
    RDIA member since 16 November 2009
    Kennesaw, Georgia
    Bambino Mio

    Month of May showing record breaking sales of modern sustainable cotton diapers

    KENNESAW, GEORGIA – June 3, 2010 – What’s up with 21st century cloth diapers? They are definitely not your “Grandmother’s cloth diapers”. Enthusiasm and interest in the entire category of modern cloth diapers, not only in Bambino Mio, has been on an exceptional rise this spring, with record sales in May. As members of The Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA), a nonprofit organization for manufacturers, retailers and diaper services, we have recently received reports indicating a clear increase in interest for cloth diapers, as well as in retailers’ actual sales. Diaper services have also seen a significant upswing in interest for their services and are working hard to adjust to the increased demand. Stores across the country have more parents and expecting parents than ever coming in to research cloth diaper options. Some are considering a switch from disposable diapers while others have already decided on cloth diapers as a cost saving and environmentally healthier alternative. Some wish to do their part to help protect the environment for future generations. Others say they no longer want to expose their babies’ sensitive skin to any of the chemicals used in disposable diapers.

    “Just like cloth diapers became a thing of the past eventually, disposable diapers are now becoming a thing of the past. They always say that trends come back around but I would say this is one that needs to stay. Everyone is starting to realize that not only is it much better for the Earth but it is also much better for the child's skin and it is much more cost effective. Being in a down economy has really encouraged our customers to consider cloth diapers. Plus they are so easy to use now it is almost foolish not to give them a try.”

    Lindsay Nelson of the New Baby Products store in Atlanta, Georgia

    As parents reflect on the 27 billion disposable diapers sent to landfills each year in the United States alone, the choice seems easy and logical. The more families use cloth diapers, switching to disposable diapers only when out and about, the more money they save. There are many ways to increase their savings, e.g. by washing in phosphate free detergents specifically designed for cold water and hanging diapers to dry instead of using the dryer. Parents can easily save $1,500 <> with the first child and substantially more with subsequent children, as the cloth diapers last through multiple children. This takes into account the initial investment and washing/energy use.

    Today’s consumer is more environmentally aware than ever. The more parents start to look into sensible cotton diapers and see the advantages, the more the category is growing. The 2-piece system from Bambino Mio is the leading cloth diaper in Europe and now is often chosen by parents as the best diaper solution in the United States.

    What are you doing for diapers?


    About Bambino Mio

    The Bambino Mio brand is founded on the principles of quality, convenience, comfort and style. With continuous product development the company is committed to providing the best cotton diaper brand at an affordable price, saving parents money. The Bambino Mio system is sold in more than 70 countries all over the world and market leaders in the UK. For more information on Bambino Mio, please visit

    About Regal Lager, Inc.

    Regal Lager is a distributor of carefully selected high quality baby and children's products to the United States and Canada. Our mission is to build quality brands through excellent customer care; quick distribution to quality retailers, catalogs and select websites; and through national advertising. Other brands distributed are CYBEX, Dékor and Lascal. For more information, please visit

  • 02 Jun 2010 3:58 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Jillian's Drawers (Retailer)
    RDIA member since 10 September 2008
    Ithaca, New York

    May 2010, Jillian's Drawers moved into a new retail space. The new store was featured in this video about the Ithaca Commons.

  • 24 May 2010 6:08 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Wildflower Diapers (Retailer)
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    RDIA Member since 10 September 2008

    After 5 years in business, Wildflower Diapers is gearing up for some big changes!

    On June 1, we will be moving to a new shopping cart and new web host AND a new domain name! This has been a huge decision to make, but we've decided that we are ready to grow and change beyond diapers. We've always been much more than just diapers- but many people don't realize it. We want to be able to spread the message of cloth diapering and natural family living to a wider audience- and think a less restrictive name will help us do that. (Our biggest problem right now is that every.single.domain is already taken- it is very difficult to find a suitable, meaningful name with an available domain)

    We are also so pleased that we will now be operating the Bumkins Retail Outlet Store alongside our retail store, both on-line and in person. We have always worked closely with Bumkins (our warehouses and offices are less than a mile apart!), and we are looking forward to our continued collaboration! This joint venture has necessitated a need for more retail space, so our brick and mortar store will be moving in mid-June.

    With the transition to a new shopping cart, there may be glitches. We apologize in advance for this. We will be transferring over all active gift registries, store credits, and gift certificates- if yours gets missed, please let us know. We will fix it right away. We do expect some down time June 1-2- don't hesitate to give us a call during that time at 888-677-3228 to place orders or to get customer service.

    In preparation for this move, we have let our inventory get a bit low and will be clearing out even more leading up to our move. We should be fully re-stocked by July 1 at the very latest, likely sooner. Over the next few months, we are looking forward to adding more products and beefing up stock on our best-sellers. In the current cart, during the period of the sale, we are de-activating products as they go out of stock, just to make things a bit easier for shoppers. If you can't find something we normally have, it just means it's out of stock- we will be restocking.

    PLEASE make sure you are on our mailing list to get more announcements about the moves!

    I will be in touch with the mailing list and through our Facebook page- in the mean time, please take advantage of our sale and help us clear out some inventory so we don't have to move it all!

    Best wishes, Shannon and the Wildflower Diapers family
  • 23 Apr 2010 5:49 PM | Admin of RDIA (Administrator)
    Diaper Pin (Diaper Info Service)
    RDIA Member since 1 January 2009

    Raleigh, NC, April 23, 2010
    – In honor of its 10th anniversary, Diaper Pin is holding a series of contests through May 15, 2010.  Visitors to Diaper Pin can enter any or all of the contests, which range from photo contests, caption contests, scavenger hunts, and trivia games.  A prize will be rewarded to each contest winner.  For more details 

    The leading online destination dedicated to the support of cloth diapers, Diaper Pin, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Over the past decade, the Diaper Pin site ( has grown tremendously in terms of the site’s offerings as well as avid followers.  Today, Diaper Pin has more than 900 directory members, 700 products, 5000 business and product reviews, and a wonderful community of cloth diapering parents who provide support for cloth diapering- and parenting-related interests.  The community’s unique activities include Pin Pals – where members give hand-me downs or gifts to fellow members; various support forums; and sell and trade programs.

    About Diaper Pin

    The ultimate resource for cloth diapering, Diaper Pin ( is maintained by a small group of mamas who are dedicated to the support of cloth diapers. Diaper Pin features a comprehensive cloth diaper business directory, cloth diaper product reviews, parenting support forums, articles, and cloth diapering tips and advice.  Diaper Pin was founded in May 2000.

    Stephanie Styons
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