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Are you serious about the cloth diaper business? Join your trade association to improve business conditions in the cloth diaper industry, support research, further your business education, and network with other professionals in the industry.

You choose the membership level that reflects your commitment. Memberships are renewable annually, with discounts for automatic renewals and for business members of the cloth diaper charity, Real Diaper Association. (See details below.)

Business Members

Trade members are the voting members of the trade association, cloth diaper businesses. The business itself is the member, with a human representing the business as "member of record." They have one vote for board members and major changes to bylaws. (See Bylaws for eligibility details.)

Many in our industry operate under more than one of these categories. Choose your primary category. This will be the category that you vote for in board elections. This is also the category in which you are eligible to run for the board of directors.

If you operate two legally separate business entities, both are eligible for membership in RDIA. 

See member benefits of Manufacturers, Retailers, Diaper Services, and Artisan Manufacturers. 

Associate Members

An Associate Member is a company, an individual, or an organization that would not otherwise qualify for membership but supports the basic purpose and principles governing Real Diaper Industry Association. Associate membership applications subject to approval.

Associate members do not elect board members or vote on bylaw changes, but they are welcome to participate in all other opportunities given to members, such as discussion groups, sponsorship opportunities, group discounts, conference attendance, and so on.

Associate members receive member privileges but do not vote in elections.

See member benefits of Associates, including Vendors, Nonprofits, and Cloth Diaper Bloggers.

You Choose Your Level

RDIA member levels

  • Member - Be a part of the trade association. Covers basic administrative costs.
  • Supporter - Show your commitment to working with others in the industry. Covers basic administrative costs of RDIA as well as supporting some additional programs to spread cloth diapers.
  • Advocate - Do all you can to increase the use of cloth diapers, creating more business for everyone in the industry. Covers basic administrative costs of RDIA, program support, and funding of additional advocacy of cloth diapers.

We encourage those who work exclusively in the cloth diaper industry, have been in business longer, have higher annual sales and those who are highly committed to the industry to join at the highest level of their ability.

Supporter and Advocate member levels do not come with additional membership benefits other than recognition in the membership directory and the satisfaction of contributing to the advancement of the cloth diaper industry.

You are welcome to join at any level as a trade member or associate.

Annual Dues by Level - You Choose Your Own Level
Diaper Service,
and Artisan
Manufacturer Associate  Associate Blogger
[active cloth diaper 
bloggers only]
 Associate Nonprofit
nonprofits only]
 Member  $100 annual payment or $12/mo  $300 annual payment or $36/mo  $300 annual payment or $36/mo $100 annual payment or $12/mo $100 annual payment or $12/mo
 Supporter  $300  $600  $600 $300 $300
 Advocate  $500  $900  $900 $500 $500
  • $50 discount. Are you already a member of the charity, Real Diaper Association? RDA works with grassroots cloth diaper activists and volunteers on projects from support of local families who just need information on successful use of cloth diapers to the annual, global Great Cloth Diaper Change event to promote cloth diapers. We think industry and grassroots are great partners, and we work with RDA on many projects. We have a reciprocal agreement with RDA to offer one another's members a $50 discount. To get your discount, write to We will confirm your RDA membership and adjust your invoice. If you are an RDIA member, take advantage and become an RDA donor as well

  • 10% discount. Set up auto-renewal for a continuing discount. When you know you are going to renew every year anyway, make it easy with automated renewal. To set up auto-renewal at the discounted rate, write to

Each member
  • supports the mission of RDIA to make reusable cloth diapers the primary choice for babies.
  • is considered a member in good standing if they have paid dues, conduct themselves in accordance with the RDIA Code of Ethics, and are not in violation of bylaws and policies.

Each trade member also
  • is a voting member of RDIA, voting on board members and bylaw changes.
  • may run for the RDIA board of directors to steer the association.
Join as: 
If you have any questions about Real Diaper Industry Association or membership, write to
Real Diaper Industry Association is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit advancing, networking and promoting the cloth diaper industry.
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