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RDIA and RDA. 
What's the difference?

Since the following January 2009 message to Real Diaper Association donors describes well the relationship between Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA) and Real Diaper  Association (RDA), we have reprinted it here with permission.

To all RDA donors and friends,

In the past few months, Real Diaper Association has had many enquiries asking what our relationship is to the new trade association, Real Diaper Industry Association.

Since 2004, Real Diaper Association has focused on cloth diaper education. Even given that focus, we've still tried to accommodate business donors over the years by including their listings in a directory of local cloth diaper resources, listing businesses in the newsletter, and directing media inquiries to businesses. We knew that businesses needed a business-oriented organization, though, and this was more than RDA is allowed to do as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Because we wanted businesses within the cloth diaper industry to get the support they needed, we encouraged the founding of Real Diaper Industry Association in August 2008.

As the close names imply
  • Real Diaper Association
    charity, nonprofit public benefit corporation
    501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and

  • Real Diaper Industry Association
    trade association, nonprofit mutual benefit corporation
    501(c)(6) tax exempt organization
the two organizations are related. We all have the goal of putting more babies in cloth diapers, and we will continue to cooperate on projects between the charity and the trade. We intend to maintain at least one person in common between the two Boards of Directors to maintain the connection. RDIA is acknowledging RDA business donors and thanking them for their support of cloth diaper education by offering them 1/2 off their first year's membership dues with the trade association. I hope the trade association will continue to work with the charity into the future.

Still, these two organizations are separate legal entities.

RDA now gets to focus on what we have been all along -- a charity dedicated to cloth diaper education. It isn't easy to establish IRS status as a charity, and we intend to keep it. Business donors will still be welcome, of course. There is no plan to change the Directory of businesses and Real Diaper Circle Leaders. Rather than trying to meet business needs that were outside the scope of a charity, though, RDA can put its energy and resources into support of the grassroots education going on across the U.S. and Canada, helping parents relearn how and why to use cloth diapers.

RDA just held an end-of-year meeting in late December, and we're excited to re-establish that charitable focus. We hope businesses and individuals will continue to make tax-deductible donations to cloth diaper education through Real Diaper Association. We have great new programs in the planning, and we have finally taken a collective deep breath and hired Executive Director, Heather McNamara, to get the work done.

To everyone who is working to put more babies in cloth diapers, thank you. From my view, we're all in the movement and the industry together.

Lori Taylor
President and Faithkeeper, Real Diaper Association
Organizing advocates and activists for cloth diapering

Real Diaper Industry Association is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit advancing, networking and promoting the cloth diaper industry.
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