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A consumer, cloth diaper hub

An international marketing campaign for cloth diapers. 

We've all thought about it. 

As an industry, word-of-mouth and online information is our strength, so we can turn our wish for an international campaign into a consumer-oriented website where parents, media, childbirth educators, and others will find reliable cloth diaper information. And, then we direct consumers to you. is the hub for that international campaign. gives clear and simple explanations of what cloth diapers are and how they work, building on the beautiful brochure created by the RDIA Marketing Committee for the Consider Cloth kits distributed to childbirth educators over the past three years. (Download and print the brochure for your customers - PDF 1.6MB.) 

A consumer hub. is RDIA's consumer-oriented site that provides cloth diaper information resources and business directories to the general public, linking consumers to RDIA business members.  

Business listing. One of the most important features of the site is the directory of cloth diaper businesses. Consumers who see the Consider Cloth brand at classes and conferences will look at this directory first when they are ready to buy cloth diapers. Every RDIA member is included in this business listing. You may also pay for an enhanced listing. 

Consider Cloth diaper demo kitCloth diaper demo kits. The Consider Cloth program started in 2009 to put cloth diapers into the hands of those educators and birth professionals most likely to reach new parents when they need information about diaper choices. We provide childbirth educators with low cost cloth diaper demo kits so that they can show cloth diapers to their clients, as they plan their diapering choices for their new baby. 

New Consider Cloth kits. The Consider Cloth program has been a big success as 1,200 diaper demo kits have been distributed to childbirth educators at conventions (such as CAPPA and Lamaze) and through the RDIA website. Kits consist of diapers and accessories donated by manufacturers, brochures with basic cloth diaper information, and a listing of RDIA members. Sponsorships are available and donations from cloth diaper manufacturers are accepted on an ongoing basis. 

Buy Sponsorships

There are several ways you can participate in the Consider Cloth program and the website. For your convenience, we have listed these and other sponsorship opportunities for you in one place

You may pay online through PayPal or by mail with a check. You do not need a PayPal account to pay using any credit or debit card. If you choose to pay by mail, please drop us a note at Founder

To help fund the initial design and coding of the website, sponsors that recognize the significance and importance of this website to the overall marketing plan can sponsor the website directly and be acknowledged as a founding member. Specific sponsorship includes:

  • Your business logo on a rotating banner with other founding sponsors on the new homepage. Banner will remain until November 1, 2012.
  • After November 1, 2012, founding sponsor logos will be moved to a separate page within the website acknowledging your support forever!
  • Please keep the RDIA administrator appraised of url changes!
  • Founding sponsors will also receive a complimentary Stand-Out listing until August 1, 2012.
  • Must be an RDIA member (members get free Standard Listing)
  • Non-members that purchase a standard listing will be upgraded to Stand-Out Listing until August 1, 2012.
    Member Non-member
Manufacturer   $1,000


Diaper Service   $100 $200
Artisan   $100 $200
Retailer   $100 $200

Consider Cloth Business Listings

Each of the industry’s categories will be represented by a separate webpage contained within that will list all RDIA member businesses and sponsors (for that category).

The top 5 listings are paid positions (Premium Listing). After those are listed, remaining listed businesses will be randomized to ensure equal exposure. At the bottom of the listing page there will be an option to segregate the list by country, state, province, etc. Member businesses get a free Standard listing for the category in which they are enrolled but can purchase additional Standard Listings for each business line as required.
  • Diaper Services that are enrolled in the DS Accreditation Program will have either the Accreditation in Progress or Accredited Logo added to their listing.

  • Alternate Premium Listing allows for sponsors to obtain the same look, but location on the listing will not be in the top 5 positions on the website.
Listing Type
    Member Non-member
Standard Love Diaper Manufacturing  Loveland, ME



Additional Standard

$50 $100
Stand-out RDIA logo Diaper Retailing  Retail Land, CA 555-555-5555

$100 $400
Premium RDIA logo Accredited Diaper ServiceDiaperServiceCo  Service, KY 555-555- 5555
The best and only accredited service in the Tri-State area. New Customer packages available as well as in-home demonstrations!

Alternate Premium   $250 $500

Consider Cloth Kit Sponsorship

Consider Cloth kits have been extremely successful in getting cloth diapers to child-birth educators. These educators in turn are helping to promote the industries products and businesses, creating a multiplying affect to your advertising dollars.  Merging this program with the analytics of, both the RDIA and you will have metrics by which to judge success.  Kits will come in both printed and non-printed versions, but both will contain stickers advertising Printed resource guides will follow the business listings from the previous section (hence only 5 premium listings).
Sponsor Type
    Member Non-member
Gold Sponsor
  • Includes sponsorship for both US AND Canadian-based kits!
  • All printed brochures will include your logo, to include downloadable refill versions from the RDIA Consider Cloth support website.
  • Oversize logo included on the educators page and the RDIA Consider Cloth Kit Support page.
$2,500 $5,000
Silver Sponsor
  • Includes sponsorship either US OR Canadian-based kits.
  • All printed brochures will include your logo, to include downloadable refill versions from the RDIA Consider Cloth support website.
  • Oversize logo included on the educators page and the RDIA Consider Cloth Kit Support page.
$1,500 $2,500
Program Supporter - U.S.
  • The Consider Cloth Kit program works on the donations of products from businesses that recognize the value of this program.
  • Any business donating more than $250 (retail value) will be recognized on the educators page via a rotating banner with other supporters. 
Program Supporter - Canada  

Diaper Service Kit Sponsor

The How to Start a Diaper Service Kit is another successful program of the RDIA and this sponsorship is a response to the feedback received from purchasers of the kit.  By becoming a sponsor of the kit, you’ll be able to put your business front and center to an emerging business needing stock to open!

Sponsorship includes your linked business logo on the How to Start a Diaper Service page on as well as on a specific page for people looking to start a business (when available).

Sponsors are required to: 
  • Provide 15 sealed, legal-sized envelopes. Each must have business name and logo marking on the outside to ensure that each kit sent contains materials from every sponsor. Envelopes can contain: price lists, product samples, or other business literature.

  • Provide additional envelopes as required during the period of sponsorship.  

  • Program administrator will coordinate with sponsors based on expected sales and the end of sponsorship term (May 1, 2012 through April 30, 2012). 
Promoter Type

  Member Non-member
Business Promoter   $1,000 $2,500

Funds Pay For

During Phase 1, which is covered by the promotional opportunities on this page, your dollars will go toward:

1. Design and implementation of

  • Build the new consumer hub to which all RDIA print and electronic marketing will point.
  • Provide you, the sponsor, and RDIA direct metrics to measure the success and value of specific marketing efforts.
  • Transition the currently successful Diaper Service Locator and Daycare Directory from the RDIA organizational website to the consumer hub.
  • Build a hot-linked directory of cloth diaper Retailers, Manufacturers, Artisans, and Diaper Services.

2. Production and Printing of new Consider Cloth Kits & Stickers.

  • A new pricing structure has been developed to curtail the highest cost, printing. The new structure allows for a web-based kit (in which the purchaser can download and print their own literature) and a higher cost kit that includes a set of printed materials (with an option to purchase additional printed materials). 
  • Design and printing of the new stickers, to be included in the new kits and distributed at events.

3. Travel expenses to attend events.

  • Remaining funds will be used to attend events promoting both Consider Cloth Kits for childbirth educators and the website for consumers. Events attended in the past include CAPPA annual conferences and Lamaze 50th anniversary conference.

Based on the success and feedback on Phase 1, additional programs and opportunities will become available in the future.


What is the deadline? 

Sponsorship deadlines vary.
  • Founder - May 1, 2012
  • Business Listing - ongoing, though top Premium spots are first come, first served for the 6-month term
  • Consider Cloth kit Sponsor - June 1, 2012
  • Consider Cloth kit product donations - June 1, 2012
  • Diaper Service kit Sponsor - ongoing

Who can sponsor 

Until Monday, April 23, 2012, all opportunities are open to RDIA members only. Member have the first opportunity to claim the top 5 spots on each of the category pages: Manufacturer, Retailer, Diaper Service, and Artisan. 

After April 23, 2012, is open to all cloth diaper businesses, pending approval. 

Contact Us

Thank you for taking the time to consider sponsorship of RDIA programs.

As outlined above, there are many opportunities for all business sizes and needs. As the success of these programs increases, the exposure and awareness of your business will only elevate during this first phase of a larger effort to bring cloth diapering to a much broader consumer audience. These sponsorship opportunities represent the start of RDIA’s first international marketing effort using Consider Cloth as our brand and our message.


If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact RDIA by email at or call 310-400-6985.

Payments & Paperwork

PayPal. You may pay online through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay using any credit or debit card.

Check. Completed paperwork and checks can also be mailed to RDIA.
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